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There are 3 main hurdles that keep DJs from attracting qualified leads and booking gigs...

Which one is keeping you stuck?

problem one

Word-Of-Mouth Referrals

Finding qualified leads is tough when you're stuck waiting for inconsistent word-of-mouth referrals. Break free from the unpredictability and start attracting paid gigs with certainty.

problem two

Low Advertising Budget

Expensive advertising isn't the only way to get noticed. Discover how to maximize your visibility without draining your wallet and using other people's money to promote yourself.

problem three

Low Quality Leads

Tire kickers and price-sensitive shoppers can be disheartening, especially when they come from underwhelming pay-per-lead sites. Let's attract leads that pay your rates!


When do I receive access to everything?

You receive everything instantly, including access to our community. Simply check your inbox (or junk folder) once your order is complete. PS. Please mark our email address ([email protected]) as safe, so that you receive all important information regarding the membership.

What is the 30-Day FREE Trail for?

This mind-blowing offer includes a FREE 30-Day trial to our Money Magnet Machine coaching program. This done-with-you coaching program includes weekly coaching calls, weekly implementation calls, private community, time-saving templates, swipe files, scripts, tools, and more! After the trial is expired, the investment is only $97 per month (previously $500 per month). You can cancel anytime!

Why are you giving so much stuff away for free?

We personally have a chip on our shoulder from everyone who has ever doubted our industry that we love so much. We are on the mission to help DJs run legit and profitable businesses so that the "You're a DJ... shouldn't you get a real job?" becomes a thing of the past. Selfishly, we also want an opportunity to prove ourselves to you, where you'll feel more comfortable investing in other programs that we come out with in the future.

Can I ask for a refund?

Of course! This mind-blowing offer is backed by our 10X money-back guarantee. If at any time you don't feel that you received at least 10X the value from the content, strategies, tools, and community support, you can request for a full refund. No questions asked. We'll even let you keep all the bonuses. Simply email us at: [email protected]

What Is The Money Magnet Machine?

The Money Magnet Machine is our system for attracting and nurturing qualified wedding leads using other people's money and time, while also creating a steady recurring revenue stream. Say goodbye to the feast or famine booking cycle that DJs struggle with!

To do that, we focus on these 3 things:

🧲 ATTRACT: We use other people's money (not debt) as leverage to finance our marketing costs, in order to attract highly qualified leads. The best part is that we get people to pay us monthly recurring revenue that provides stability and predictability to our growth.

🫶 NURTURE: We then use an intentional method that turns strangers into friends, which builds a ton of trust and rapport. At the same time, it affords us time to prove ourselves upfront to our qualified leads. This dramatically reduces their risk on handing over their credit cards to book our entertainment services for their events.

🤑 BOOK: The final part of the system is to convert the lead into a paying client. We do this with "hand-raisers" that gets the lead to choose for themselves to join a sales conversation with us. Say goodbye to chasing leads, or even worst, getting ghosted!

The Money Magnet Machine solves so many things for DJs. No more chasing leads down. Instead, use this system to attract the RIGHT leads that are highly qualified to your DJ business. Then know exactly how to quickly build trust and rapport, so that you can move them closer to a booking decision.



Mobile DJ Lead Generator

For the very first time ever, we are giving you our

secret weapon that has guaranteed us to generate a healthy profit

while running a DJ business that generates multiple 6 figures on autopilot.


ProfitableDJ Challenge Course

Luck favors the prepared. This marketing calendar template will empower you to

create a fool proof plan that you can execute on for your marketing campaigns.


Profit Calculator

Are you leaving money on the table? Inside the Secret Revenue Formula you will be empowered to unlock all kinds of hidden revenue that you are otherwise leaving on the table.


DJ Business Scaling Guide

Discover the time-tested tools that Ben and the team love using that increases efficiency and profits.


Marketing Calendar

Imagine being able to generate predictable leads so that you can reduce risk in your Mobile DJ business and grow with confidence. That is what you will learn inside this masterclass!


For a limited time only, you can join now and get all of the bonuses above included for FREE!

Backed by our 10x money-back guarantee

In case you need an extra (loving) push to believe in yourself... here's our 10X Guarantee:

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If you decide at ANY time that you don't want to be a member any more, you can cancel anytime. We'll even let you keep all the bonuses! Sound fair?

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Money Magnet Machine


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DJ Lead Generator Course

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ProfitableDJ Challenge

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Ultimate DJ Biz Scaling Guide

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Profit Calculator

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Marketing Calendar

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Total Value: $2,856.00


Backed by our unconditional 10x money back guarantee.

What's up?!

My name is Ben and I am the founder and mentor here at ProfitableDJ. 

I also happen to be the founder of a DJ company by the name of Accurate Productions, and an online school called DJ University.

Moving from the trailer park into a large 3,500 square foot office with a team of DJs performing hundreds of events per year has been such a huge blessing!

And while that all sounds incredible (which it is!), building a business wasn't a walk in the park. 

In fact, when I first got started, I didn't even know how all this could be possible or how I would land my first paid gigs.


But in 2006, at the young age of just 18 years old, I decided to ditch my grocery store job and go full-time as a DJ. 

Since then I've been able to become my own boss, generate multiple 6-figures, work with celebrities, host a radio show, travel the world, lead a team, invest in other business ventures, and provide for my family doing what I love EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! 


Because I finally nailed down the methods to generating leads consistently without breaking the bank - and I want to share them with you inside this mind-blowing learning suite!

So... What's The Catch?!

Like we said in the beginning, we are giving you this mind-blowing offer to test drive our Money Magnet Machine.

Why would we do this?

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

1. Unlike other "gurus," we don't make all of our money teaching others how to make money. We are actual practitioners that also run real entertainment companies ourselves.

2. We have a chip on our shoulders from everyone that has ever doubted the DJ industry that we are so passionate about. Our mission is to help DJs run legit and profitable businesses, so that we can make the stereotype of "Oh, you're a DJ... Why don't you get a real job?" a thing of the past.

3. We get an opportunity to prove ourselves upfront to you, and when you see how awesome we are, you'll hopefully consider investing in future programs that we come out with.

Why Time Is Of The Essence...

This is a limited offer, but even inside of that, there is REAL scarcity that you need to be aware of...

1. We can realistically only serve so many DJs on high-level at the same time. Therefore, to ensure that we stay true to our high standards, we only have a certain amount of seats available. Once they're gone... we are closing the doors to this mind-blowing offer.

2. This founding member offer is going away SOON! So if you don't lock in your membership NOW while this page is live... you'll NEVER be able to get this offer again.

3. The discounted pricing (80% OFF) AND the 30-day trial offer will not last forever. We are selling out memberships fast, and as soon as we hit our target number, we will be raising the prices back to full price. It's a simple supply and demand thing, and it's happening here in real time.

So, NOW is the time. Lock in your membership before it's too late!

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